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Israeli Start-Up specializing in public participation and consultation. The Raizit proprietary platform enables organizations of various kinds to create, manage, distribute and conclude public participation processes.

cityzone tel aviv

Raizit is operating within the TLV startup incubator “CitiZone” – a joint venture of TLV municipality, TLV university and “Kiryat Atidim”. A dedicated TLV Raizit platform has been developed jointly by Raizit and a TLV municipality team of experts. It is expected to launch soon.

Strategic Partners

Tel Aviv Municipality

סטארטאפים עיריית תל אביב

TLV municipality is conducting a first pilot with Raizit’s platform, having completed a meticulous process of adaptation to TLV specific needs. The process was a cooperative effort by Raizit and TLV teams, within the TLV startup incubator “CitiZone” – a joint venture of TLV municipality, TLV university and “Kiryat Atidim”.

“Darkenu”, one of Israel’s largest civil society organizations, with hundreds of thousands of supporters, will be managing its multiple public participation and member-only projects on the Raizit platform within a short period of time. Darkenu is also the proprietor of the innovative participatory TV channel “DemocraTV”, hosted by the popular anchor Lucy Aharish. DemocraTV’s viewers participation processes will also be managed on the Raizit platform.

Darkenu Organization

Optimized one-stop solution to the client’s public participation and consultation needs. 

Full support for all types of surveys, discussions, multi-phased processes, online and offline stages.

Unique back office offers complete control of the organizations’ public participation apparatus, including managing different levels of access, inter-departmental processes, and process-by-process customization.

Public participation



Citizens, residents, consumers, shareholders, customers, suppliers, activists – are all demanding to be heard and put forward their concerns, their needs, their demands and their creative ideas and proposals.



A seasoned policy entrepreneur, senior diplomat and national security strategist, served as Israel’s Deputy National Security Advisor in the Prime Minister’s office, Head of Policy Planning in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Consul in San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest. He advises national security, foresight and other Israeli and foreign institutions on strategic issues. He is a nonresident scholar at the Middle East Institute in DC, the founder of ‘Yashar’, a political start-up party that brought participatory and direct democracy into the Israeli political sphere.


Middle East Institute articles

Eran Etzion

ערן עציון

technological and digital entrepreneur with extensive track record. Specializing in design, development, embedding and implementation of complex technological systems in large and medium size organizations in Israel and overseas. Founder of "Kouti-Tech", a leading name in transforming old-tech organizations with legacy systems into the most advanced IT and networks environments. Yehonadav consults with several Fortune 500 corporations including Intel-Israel. He is a trained economist, and a graduate of Israel's most prestigious young leadership program - "LEAD".

Yehonadav Yekoutiel

יהונדב יקותיאל

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